Road map

ArgKit's current release includes Dungine - a dung reasoner. It is anticipated that later releases will include a defeasible knowledge base and an AIF (Argument Interchange Format) library.

Release 0.1 - proof of concept for Dungine - 16th November 2007
Includes GroundedReasoner, InformalArgumentSource, test suite, Scratchpad and TestViewer

Release 0.2 - Dungine improvements - 14th January 2008, under LGPL license
Includes PreferredCredulousReasoner, extended test suite and proof justification in Scratchpad and TestViewer. ArgKit project moved to sourceforge.

Release 0.3 - DKB - Defeasible Knowledge Base library

Release 0.4 - AIF library

Release 0.5 - Combined editor.

later releases...
Decision library
Dialogue library